Hot Air Balloon Advertising

Advertising on a hot-air balloon will generate thousands of visual contacts - for miles. Product and Company names become a fascinating eye-catcher.

Saeco Switzerland

The popularity of these "airy tools" increases from year to year. Therefore more and more companies are including advertising on a hot-air balloon in their advertising plans. Call us today and we will tell you of the many possible uses of our hot-air balloons.



hot air balloon special Shape

The additional cost of a "special-shape" balloon is easily met from the increased attention that the balloon receives from the media and the public alike. Would you like to give your product/image that additional lift? Contact us, so we can discuss the many aspects and determine your personal requirements. You will be surprised how cost-effective these special-shape balloons can be.


Hot air balloon special Shape


Our promotional tours know no geographical borders. Call us to discuss the various opportunities. We will be pleased to make you a comprehensive offer.

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