Advertisement takes off....

Balloon and Airships advertisements lift off in the true sense of the word. Nothing else will create more attention.

Hot air Balloons

Advertising on a hot-air balloon will generate thousands of visual contacts - for miles. Product and Company names become a fascinating eye- catcher. The popularity of these "airy tools" increases from year to year. Therefore, more and more companies are including advertising on a hot-air balloon in their advertising and promotion plans. Call us today and we will tell you of the many possible uses of our hot-air balloons.

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Hot-air airships

Hot-air airships are steerable and an impressive alternative to conventional hot-air balloons. They combine the advantage of helium-filled blimps and hot-air balloons. A considerable difference to helium-filled airships is, that a hot-air airship can be set up and dismantled in a very short time and then be transported in a trailer.

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Helium filled Blimps

Helium-filled Blimp will get attention for as much as 24 hours per day! If moored to the mast outside the hangar and lit up at night, no one can pass by without noticing this giant "flying cigar".

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