Exclusive and private balloonflight just for 2 passengers

a 1 1/2 hour flight
that takes about 4 hours total time

See the prices here    Call us for details

Treat yourself to something special ...
... enjoy exclusive togetherness in our special balloon. The pilot will discreetly do his work and fly you to cloud nine without disturbing you.

Exclusive balloon flight

Just the two of you ....

For your proposal, wedding day, or just to treat yourself or someone special...

Float over this world, just the two of you,

the pilot, and a bottle of champagne!


only 2 passengers on board
Ich liebe Dich or I love you

Alone in the sky

Star balloon at www.ballonreisen.ch

The white area with the heart can be designed to your needs.

The cost will be about CHF 1500.-

And after the flight you can take it home as a souvenir!

Surprise your loved one with her name on a hot-air balloon!

Have your name on a hot air balloon!
Tell your girlfriend that you love her!

The word "Dich" on the banner can be replaced with a name.

Cost: CHF 35.- per letter


If you wish to take off at a location of your choice there may be some additional travel expenses. Please ask for a detailed offer. 

However, it must be suitable for a safe take-off. We need approximately the size of a football field with no barriers such as wires and trees.

save landing with www.ballonreisen.ch


When do we fly




Juni and July




Afternoon at about 3 pm

Afternoon at about 4 pm

Morning at 5:30 am and afternoon at about 5 pm

Morning at 5:00 am and afternoon at about 6:30 pm

Morning at 6:00 am and afternoon at about 5:30 pm

Morning at 6:30 am and afternoon at about 5 pm

Afternoon at about 3:30 pm