About Funks Ballonfahrten....

.... we have been flying for more than 20 years - without accident !

Funks Ballonfahrten

Funk"s Ballonfahrten was founded in 1989. The company is registered as a commercial airline. This will assure you of the best possible service and security. Naturally, as a professional balloon company we fly all year round and seven days per week, if the sometimes unstable weather in Switzerland permits.

We have almost 50 take off locations all around Switzerland. So there will be one near your favourite location. 

All our pilots are professionals, highly experienced, with untouchable safety records and a clear passion for ballooning. This counts also for our motivated crew members that have worked for us for many years.

With us the passengers are not herded into a balloon with up to 20 other guests. We place a lot of value on an individual atmosphere with small groups, which is why we only use small balloons with up to 8 passengers. But still, with our fleet of different size balloons that fly regularly all over Switzerland we can fly groups of up to 80 guests at the same time. W

We have always wanted to be the best, even when starting out many years ago. Now we truly believe we are among the best in Switzerland. We may not be the cheapest and do not offer big discounts - but you DO get what you pay for. We offer an experience that you will always treasure – what is that worth? - Priceless. Come and experience your dream with us and we will cherish it with you.


Please also visit our website www.airship.ch to find out more about our airship flights, airship events and airship advertising.


Videos about Funks Ballonfahrten

Assembling the Balloon

Assembling the Balloon

Here is a first small movie about unpacking and setting up one of our balloons. You are going to have a completely new experience, relaxing but challenging as well. (see the movie)

Balloon ride, a dream come true

Balloon ride, a dream come true

A spectacular experience. You will softly raise into the sky and float away over villages, lakes, rivers and many other interesting things to see. You will become once with the elements and forget about all that troubles you on the ground. It's just fascinating.....(see the movie)

Packing Back the Balloon

Packing up the Balloon

To pack up the balloon is sometimes quite hard work. But you will love it because is part of the whole experience. And after work you will enjoy a glass of champagne with your new comrades and be handed over a beautiful certificat to memorise the "survival" of  that wunderful adventure. (see the movie)