Swiss Central Plateau Balloon Flights

A one hour flight that takes about 3 hours total time
(only from our home base at Wolfwil)

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... Enjoy the wonderful view over the Midlands. Shortly after takeoff you will be able to track the twisted course of the River Aare. Depending on the whim of the wind we fly towards the canton capital, Solothurn, or east over the Wiggertal along the A1 motorway towards Zurich or  Lake Hallwilersee, or along the Jura mountain range. But the Emmental chesse is not only famous because of his fame. With  some luck we will fly towards the Emmental where that famous cheese is made.


Wolfwil from a hot air balloon

A bird's-eye view of Wolfwil and the Aare River.

These flights are bookable from April through to October either in the mornings with the sunrise, or in the evenings, just about three hours before sunset.

The summer month are High Season, because most passengers think it will be freezing cold in the balloon at other times of the year. But they forget that there is no wind while we are flying and therefore it is not any colder than being on the ground.


However, But we leave it up to you and your guests to decide when you want to fly.


How about Spring? With its fresh green landscape it really is a completely special experience, with the yellow rape fields and the flowering fruit trees. In addition the sky is clear which gives you a fantastic view for miles.


over the Emmental

Rape field

Autumn flight 

Autumn - we smell the forest!

For some reason our passengers prefer the summer months to fly in a balloon. Why? We don't know. Maybe because they don't know the beauty of autumn with its coloured leaves and the almost unlimited views in the clear sky. 
Unfortunately, sometimes we have fog and  low  stratus clouds in the morning which prevent us flying early in the morning - but the afternoon flights are fantastic! 

 When do we meet?





June and July




Afternoon at about 3 pm

Afternoon at about 4 pm

Morning at 5:30 am and afternoon at about 5 pm

Mornings about 5:00 am and evening at 6:30 pm

Mornings at about 6:00 am and evening at about 5:30 pm

Mornings at about 6:30 am and evening at about 5:00 pm

Afternoon at about 3:30 pm