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Are you looking for a special present? Do you want to really impress your family, your friend or your colleagues with the most unexpected gift? Buy a gift ticket for a balloon ride with us and we guarantee the experience of a life-time!

Order a Gift Ticket    You Ask, We Answer!

Gift ticket

A Gift Ticket for a balloon ride is one of the most beautiful presents that someone can receive. Just thinking about rising to the sky and floating away like a soap bubble will awaken emotions and make your skin tickle!  It's impressive, unexpected, just special.....
Whichever flight ticket you order it will be printed on a beautiful folding card and the name of the passenger printed on it. Truly a very personal gift ticket.....





What is a Gift Ticket ?


The Gift Ticket is a customized ticket to a balloon ride and valid for two years. You may write any message on it and you may ask us to send it to any postal address, or you may send it yourself or hand it over in person.


How do I order a Gift Ticket ?


There is a very easy step by step process. Complete all the details regarding the person who will be entitled to use it and give us the name and address where you want us to send it. To start the order please click on the Order a Gift Ticket link.


How do I pay for it ?


You will receive a beautiful gift certificate along with an invoice. The invoice will contain all the details for you to make the payment. As soon as we received your payment the ticket will be valid and can be used to reserve the seat to any available balloon flight.  The passenger can do so via a phone call to our office, or via our 24-hour online booking service. 


Order a Gift Ticket    You Ask, We Answer!