A dream comes true ....

.... join us and let yourself float away into the endless
freedom of the sky!


Over 200 years ago the Montgolfière brothers sent their first manned "Montgolfière" on an adventurous air voyage. This balloon flight, with an unknown destination, is still an adventure today - although up-to-date equipment and materials have eliminated the element of risk. Accompany us on an unforgettable journey. All we need is a basket, the envelope, a pilot, some hot- air and you as our passenger ...


Funk"s Ballonfahrten was founded in 1989. The company is registered as a commercial airline. This will assure you the best possible service and security. Naturally, as a professional balloon company we fly all-year-round if the weather cooperates.


So why not experience the first warm sunshine of spring with the fresh green landscape everywhere? Or find yourself on a summer evening flight, shouting down a happy "Gruezi mitenand" to the people on the ground? Can you imagine a flight in autumn with mist patches lying in the valleys like cotton wool, and the beautiful autumnal tints?


Now this is nothing compared to the view you get on a winter flight! See the Swiss Alps on one side and as far as the black forest in Germany on the other! The waiting period for a flight in general is very short and can be from two days to a few weeks for weekend flights. However, we would recommend booking as early as possible in order to avoid disappointment.

Funks Ballonfahrten Switzerland

We fly groups and single passengers. Although mass processing is not our goal we can fly groups of up to 100 persons, although our balloons will not carry more than eight passengers each. This will allow you to receive the attention and care you deserve from your pilot and crew.

Naturally we will organize not only your balloon flight but allso will take care of catering, overnight stays and all fringe events.