Order Your E-Ticket

The E-Ticket is the easiest way to make a reservation for our balloon rides. You may pay online using your credit card, and you can make the reservation immediately.

Order the E-Ticket    You Ask, We Answer!

E-ticket balloon gift ticket

Do you have to find a gift in a matter of minutes ? You don't know what to buy, where to go, where to find it ?


Why worry ?


You can buy an E-Ticket, and you can pay for it online. You are just five minutes away from having the most unexpected present, for anyone you want, right in your hands !


Why not buy one for yourself too ?


What is the E-Ticket ?


The E-Ticket is a ticket which you can buy online and receive the tickets in seconds. Once you have received the ticket you may book the seats to any balloon ride that is available, at once.


How do I order the E-Ticket ?


There is a very easy step by step process. All you need to do is complete all the details regarding the person who will be entitled to use it. You can write a message for that person and you may set how they receive the ticket. To make an order please click on the Order the E-Ticket link.


How do I pay for it ?


Using the online payment you can instantly pay for the ticket by using your credit card. After you have made the payment, you will receive the ticket in a matter of seconds, and you may then book the seats immediately. We use PayPal as our secure payments provider.


Order the E-Ticket    You Ask, We Answer!