We Do Not Fly for Web Agencies

Why are we not selling our balloon flights through agencies and bargain sites on the Internet?


It's simple: We want satisfied customers who enjoy their balloon ride and will remember it positively for a long time. Because satisfied guests and customers are the best (free) advertising one can get.


In ballooning, it is like in other things as well. You always get what you pay for. Cheap products, services or balloon flights usually have a catch somewhere!


An example: Balloon rides were offered in October 2012 by myDeal at half price. The small print read that the coupon is valid only for 7 months. That means the passenger must necessarily fly during winter because the coupon is only valid until April 2013.

What is not written and told: The passengers are squeezed in a basket with 20 other passengers, make a trip to the Emmental and take a day off, because the balloon flight will take place at noon and during the week on a weekday.


Agencies only sell the tickets. After that the balloonist is your contact. I'm pretty sure that you will be his second class passenger, because on you and your individual ticket he will not earn anything. He can only make a positive calculation if you bring a second Passenger that pays the normal price. Else he will lose money.


And if you cannot manage to fly within the 7 months the agency collects the commission and the ticket price without effort.


Agencies are interested in selling the tickets because they have earned their commission immediately – then there job is done. Want to try and get after sale and customer service ?


My advice: Book directly with the balloonist of your choice, pay a fair price and you and your guest get a first Class service.





Hans Funk